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Review for Grace Medical Clinic on Directory
09 Mar 2022

I have been a patient of Dr. Mahungu's for over 12 years now. In the past, things were great. The MOAs were able to answer the phones, call people back who left voicemails, etc. but things have gone drastically downhill over the past several years. I've always just put up with it, because it's hard to find a family doctor and walk-in clinics can't always help when you have a chronic illness. I completely understand that some people don't appreciate Dr. Mahungu's bedside manner, but I love how proactive she was. She isn't as proactive anymore. I took her bedside manner as a cultural thing and made allowances for it, but obviously some people can't differentiate. To each their own. I'm writing this review today because I am absolutely SICK AND TIRED of trying to get in contact with anyone at this doctor's office. I got sick last October with a now "chronic illness" and have been off work since then. I have to spend all day, every day, calling repeatedly to try and book an appointment. I have left voicemail messages There have been several times over the past 5 months where it's taken me THREE WEEKS just to get in touch with an MOA to book an appointment, and then I need to wait another 2-4 weeks just to be able to go to my appointment. Last Saturday, March 5th, my youngest son had a doctor's appointment. We show up at the scheduled time and everything is pitch black. Doors are open, but all the lights are off. We went upstairs and sat down to wait for someone. There were some people going in and out of the office moving stuff around, and the older gentleman, whom I believed to be Mr. Mahungu, told me that all appointments for that day were cancelled and we should have been notified. I had to show him my phone history to show him that no one called to inform us that our son's appointment had been cancelled. I really was not feeling well to go to this appointment, but I went because my son needed to be seen. After we left, I had to grasp the railing between some buildings as I walked to my car due to severe nausea and dizziness. I could have avoided all that if I had either been notified that the appointment was cancelled or been able to sit down in a chair for more than 2 minutes. All in all, if you can actually get through to book an appointment, Dr. Mahungu is a good doctor. But good luck trying to get through for 3 weeks or more just to book an appointment.

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