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Vancouver is the main seaport located in the south-west of British Columbia. It is one of the largest industrial centers in the country.

The Vancouver economy is traditionally connected with the resource sectors: mining, forestry, agriculture and fishing. Vancouver is not only the most significant Canadian port. The city is also one of the leading trading centers of North America with the Asia-Pacific region. Port is in the first place in terms of export.

In recent years, Vancouver has expanded as a center for biotechnology and software development. The field of services in the city has achieved significant success. The tourism industry is vital in Vancouver. The city is a major tourist center. Thanks to a picturesque geographical location, a considerable number of tourists arrive at the ocean, incredible mountains and parks. Through Vancouver, a lot of cruise ships pass each year. In one of the latest "The Economist" reports about the quality of life, Vancouver ranks 3rd in the world and the first in North America.

Vancouver is an ideal place to found a technological company. There are more than 100 000 technical specialists across the entire British Columbia in the technological segment, of which about 75 000 are employed directly in Vancouver. In this industry, more than 10 000 companies have been founded throughout British Columbia.

The technological sector includes industries such as AI (artificial intelligence), SaaS (software as a service), social networks, business analytics, cybersecurity, fintech, e-commerce and web technology.

If your project works in these areas, you will definitely need to register the company in Canada and contact for the development of your startup to one of Vancouver business accelerators.

Local Businesses in Vancouver
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