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The Canadian province of British Columbia's Lower Mainland contains the seaside city of Richmond. It takes up practically the whole area of Lulu Island (except Queensborough), which is situated between the Fraser River's two tidal distributaries. It borders Vancouver and Burnaby on the Burrard Peninsula to the north, New Westminster and Annacis Island to the east, Delta to the south, and the Strait of Georgia to the west. Sea Island, where the Vancouver International Airport is situated, is adjacent, as are a number of other smaller islands and uninhabited islets.


Richmond's local economy is resilient to the ups and downs of the economic cycle because it is strong, steady, and diverse. In a variety of industries, more than 13,000 enterprises employ close to 130,000 people.

Economy and Agriculture in Richmond, BC
Economy and Agriculture in Richmond, BC

Official website: https://www.richmond.ca/

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