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Review for B A Dawson Blacktop Ltd on Directory
04 Oct 2022

I was travelling up hwy 5A on Wednesday September 28, 2022 at approximately 815pm. I was on the section of the Hwy that was being milled. There was absolutely no signage or cones to direct traffic. There was a very large rut in the road which has caused significant damage to my car. It was created by their removal of the existing surface through asphalt milling in anticipation of applying an overlay of fresh asphalt. This milling exposed the underlying gravels in the roadway which were eroded by traffic passing through them creating a pothole. This pothole and insufficient signage led to the damage our vehicle suffered. They were trying to save money by not completing the required base repairs immediately after exposing them. Because it was so dark I was unable to stop and take photos of the huge rut in the road and when I returned the following day (my husband drove me) the rut had been filled My car now undrivable. It will be repaired at a cost to me and but this has left me without a vehicle until at least October 7th, causing significant hardship to my family. When I spoke to John O'dare, he expressed very little care or compassion and BA Dawson has made no attempt to follow up with me or to provide any compensation. I am shocked at the lack of willingness to provide any kind of support as this was completely their fault. I have had to file a claim with ICBC but of course there is a deductible and the inconvenience. I did try and rent a car but there are none available. I have been around the road construction industry for a number of years and the quality of care and services that BA Dawson has shown me is shameful.

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