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Review for Penticton Toyota Parts on Directory
29 Dec 2021

Their service time is extremely disappointing and unsatisfactory. I spent over $2000 in hotels due to Penticton Toyota taking unnecessarily long on a known issue. Typical turnaround time is between the same day and 3 days for this service needed, this took over two weeks!? There is a frame recall on certain models of Toyota Tacomas, as per Toyota’s VIN checker, my Tacoma qualifies. My local dealership does not do the service anymore, so I had to drive 6 hours to Penticton to have the service done. I called ahead a week in advance (November 26) to book the appointment, so they know that I am coming.? When I arrived on Dec 6th, Clint performed an inspection and confirmed my truck is eligible (well, of course, it is!). He then informed me that he has to order the kit. I was under the impression that they had the kit to perform the work and there would be no delay.? I waited another week and received no call. On December 14th, I called Penticton Toyota to ask if the kit came in. Yes, it came in but they didn’t notify me. They informed me that they could get me in on December 20th, so another week! I told the receptionist that I am from out of town and I need my vehicle. She confirmed it would be finished by December 17th.? On December 17th I received NO communication. On the 18th, I called and asked for an update. The tech (Jon I believe his name is) said they have not applied the work needed, and it would be done by Monday (December 20th). The work order I received clearly shows to expedite work to have it finished by December 17th as I’m from out of town.? I am very disappointed in the turnaround time and having to spend over $2000 in hotels due to Penticton Toyota taking so long. I wish I would have gone to a different dealership that respected me and my time. ? Read the other 1 star reviews, this dealership has a pattern of not respecting people’s time and providing terrible service to vehicles. Penticton Toyota also reports 1-star reviews to have them removed, beware.
Review for White Rock Honda on Whodoyou
19 Mar 2020

White Rock Honda was fine, thank you.
Review for White Rock Honda on Whodoyou
04 Mar 2019

I can tell you straight up, we had a great experience at White Rock Honda, thank you.
Review for White Rock Honda on Whodoyou
03 Mar 2019

White Rock Honda was very good, no problems with the service, everything was explained and the people were very courteous. Thank you.
Review for White Rock Honda on Whodoyou
26 Feb 2019

We're very pleased it's always a pleasure to go to White Rock Honda. They are competent, give us the best service we've ever had, no complaints, thank you very much.

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